Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Getting started

The conversations around the Caux Round Table, its core values and its Principles for Business and Government, are growing. National chapters are forming; people seek us out; we seem to have practical suggestions that others find of interest.

So the idea came - one with the times - of starting a blog to further our net of conversations and dialogue partners.

We plan to post some thoughts each day and respond as quickly as we can and as best as we can to the thoughts and observations of others.

I have found that the CRT core values - kyosei, human dignity, stewardship - and its Principles for Business and Government reach out and touch almost every daily event in the news, every business transaction that gets discussed, books and opinion pieces, and just ordinary conversations about politics, how to make money, who is doing what to whom, and what has meaning.

A blog seems a good way to touch lightly and briefly on many of these intersections between our values and principles and life as it is lived around the world.

I hope this space will draw comment and become an honest conversation about important ideas and helpful actions.

Steve Young
Global Executive Director

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